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Autographed Photo Reviews

Absolutely amazing! Fast shipping and the prints are pristine! I cannot wait for my daughter to see these on her birthday!

My daughter is going to flip out when she sees these. Just have to get a frame for them before her birthday so they don't get finger prints all over them. I can't wait to see her face! I purchased this one and the one with multiple signatures. Both are beautiful.

Absolutely beautiful! If you are a Hamilton fan this is definitely a worthy keepsake!

Great picture, professional business. Nice and responsive owner.

Great customer service! My daughter LOVES this gift!

Shipped quickly and looks amazing in person. Thanks so much for the item!

Thank you i love it, awesome heart autographed photo.

I'm so impressed with the Halsey sign message photo! Excellent quality and the handwriting looks very natural. Can't wait to gift this on Valentine's Day. Just took a few days to arrive. Thank you!

Great quality picture, arrived super fast and in perfect condition. Absolutely love having a picture of Freddie at home satisfied customer.

LARRY certainly was certainly MORE than helpful, as this item did not ship to ‘OZSTRALYA‘. But after getting in touch with LARRY, he sent it To me quickly, with 3 added surprise photos of RORY. Such a very nice person, and I am more than happy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Item arrived just as described.

This was a post-Christmas gift for my drummer husband, who was the one who spotted this when I had Larry's website open. He is delighted with it. Seller communication was excellent and shipping was super fast.

My Daughter absolutely loved it!

Gift for my dad and he loved it! Quickly shipped.

Arrived just in time for Christmas! Thank you!

This is my second order from you (I bought a Michael Jackson one and I cannot wait to receive it!!). I’d love to get a Brad Paisley or a Garth Brooks one!! Thanks so much!

The autographed photo came really quickly and it was packaged really nicely. Arrived in perfect condition!

Exactly what I was expecting. Arrived on time without issues. Satisfied customer!

Absolutely perfect! Great shipping time too!

I'm a big Prince fan so of course finding this was priceless. I was looking everywhere but happened up on Larry's store. I had questions he got back to me immediately. Love this site!

Could not ask for a smoother purchasing experience. Photo arrived in perfect condition. Honest service and prompt delivery.

As many picture as there are of Keith Moon, THIS!! so happy, so very happy!

So, my husband is a drummer and we bought a house and I bought a crap load of these autographed drummer pics for his drum room. Larry had ALL of the people my husband talks about, Steve Gadd one of his favorite drummers so this site is perfect.

Big fans of this guy, so happy i could get this pic at a great price.

Another rare find, love it.

Arrived long before I thought it would, its a great pic. Really happy with this one. The fact that Larry knows who good drummers are and carries them is so great. So many popular musicians out there that aren't the old school hard core technicians that real drummers look for. Larry really knows his stuff.

So happy to find this guy too. Larry knows what real drummers like.

It's an autographed picture of Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver, who wouldn't love it! Larry is da bomb!!

Excellent correspondence fast delivery and really good quality of print - after corresponding with Larry about his projects he also included some drum decals and his brochure for my drummer son - great site and merchandise - will definitely buy again.

I find myself coming back to Larry again! All my purchases have been carefully and quickly packed and shipped. Everything is as described and besides the value for example with this signed drumhead, I am supporting Larry’s Drumming for Jared where he is inspiring some future drummers who might have missed discovering their ‘talent’ or joy without a drum lesson.

I’m so excited about this autographed photo that I’m telling all my friends about this company on Esty!! The photo looks even better in person! It arrived in 48 hours and was extremely well packaged!! Giving these autographed photos for presents is an excellent idea if the person is hard to buy for because they probably don’t have anything like them and they make a very impressive present!!! The company is super friendly to do business with, also!! I’m thinking about buying 3 more today for holiday gifts!!

Love, love, love my autographed photos!!! They look fantastic in person!! All my friends want to order a bunch for themselves, their kids, and as gifts. The company is awesome to do business with, too. I ordered mine on a Saturday and got them on Monday. They were expertly packaged!!! Will be returning to buy more items!!!!

Thrilled with my order!!! The autographed photo looks so much nicer in person. Proud to give it as a gift!! The receiver was absolutely crazy about this gift!! I will definitely be buying a lot more of these from Larry and am looking forward to doing business with him again. I received the package in 48 hours and it was packaged incredibly well. A fantastic company to do business with. I’m just so very impressed!!

Thank you! My daughter couldn’t even wait till her birthday tomorrow to open them :-)

Larry has done a great job handling and shipping on every purchase I have made. The art is great and well described. His program Drumming for Jared is a great way for drummers help pay it forward. Thanks for the stickers and the prints!

Thanks for offering these photos, they are great in the ‘drum cave’. Also thanks for the program you have set up to honor a ‘brother’, I’m sure he’s right there with you and those students!

I got this as gift for my boyfriend, and he loves it!

The signed photos I ordered are wonderful! Excellent photo quality — so much so that people have asked if they are originals! Especially love the color of this one. They were shipped safely with great packaging to ensure they didn’t bend at all; much appreciated. Couldn’t be happier. Will certainly let buy from this shop again!

Photos arrived in perfect condition. Fast, prompt delivery.

Nice quality. They came quickly and were packaged well so they arrived in perfect condition.

This item, as well as another, I purchased was not only an excellent price but looks like an original! Service was timely and friendly. Fantastic rare items! Thank you!

General Comments

Everyone here at Vic Firth applauds you and what you’re doing with the Drumming for Jared Program.

Zildjian appreciates all your hard work in making a difference in student’s lives and we wish you success in the Drumming for Jared Program.

Drumming for Jared seems like a really great program and I am 100% behind your movement. I wish you the best of luck with the program overall. In times of tragedy it's people like you who can remind us of the good we can all do for one another. - John B.

I'm very impressed with the work you are doing in Jared's name. – Nancy J.

I think it's so important we keep the arts alive, I can appreciate what you are doing. Thank you again, so much! – Katharine D.

My condolences on the loss of such a great student and friend you had in Jared. Teaching the low-income/indigent is a great way to memorialize his young life. – Adrienne R.

I LOVE my photo of The Professor (Neil Peart). A great addition to my collection! Thanks for all you do and good luck with the Jared program. - Matt B.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful program you have created. – Sunni K.

We love that you are helping families in need. Music changes lives. - Carolyn & Kristi

What a great thing you are doing for Jared’s family! – Dawn M.

Always happy to support worthy causes. – Peter B.

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your student. What you're doing sounds great; I applaud you and would be glad to contribute. - Justin P.

Thank you so much for the signed Green Day picture! I am so excited and I now have it in the main hallway at the front door. I hope the Drumming for Jared Program continues to gain traction and you are able to help lots of kids. - Carlin D.

What a great tribute to Jared, to honor his memory by giving the gift of music to another student. This world is a better place because of people like you. – Briggs family

It's wonderful what you're doing for those kids. – Evan C.

This looks like a great program you are providing. Being a bit of a musician myself, I love anything that gets people involved in music. – Wayne S.

I believe this to be an awesome idea. Music is fundamental in human development. Thank you for the opportunity to help. - William A.

I like the idea of your program. I play guitar and I've seen how teaching can open whole new worlds for people. Good Luck with the program. Thanks - Fran M.

I'm sorry to hear about Jared, and I think it's so wonderful that you are turning his loss into something so positive for your community. - Becky B.

This sounds like a great cause, so sorry to hear about that. – Jake S.

I'd like to thank you. I'm so happy to be able to help. I hope the kids connect to music and the lessons they deserve! – Betsy B.

It's a very inspiring story, and it's right along the mission of a charity that I am starting. Thank you and I’m happy to help. – John H.

In addition to being an illustrator I am a high school art teacher. I know what it is like to tragically loose a student. My thoughts are with you. It sounds like a wonderful thing you are doing to honor Jared's memory. – Kathleen G.

It's so very kind of you to offer this program. I am so thankful that my family was able to afford to send me to private lessons, but I know that's not the case for many. – Nicole W.

This sounds like a good thing you are doing and being a musician myself I understand the importance of music in the lives of the less fortunate. – Dennis B.

I think it's amazing how you're honoring Jared and his memory. – Catherine D.

First of all Im so sorry about your loss, what you are doing is fantastic. Keep up the great work! – David C.

Wow, what a nice deal on the Beatles pic. I still can't believe I found one with all their sigs. My heart goes out to you and Jared's family...I'm happy to support you guys...thank you and blessings. - Tom S.

What a great thing you are doing. Thank you. – Deanna G.

I am sorry for the circumstance and I applaud your efforts. – Mark M.

I think that’s awesome what you are doing, we love helping those in need or struggle from situations as well. – Alex P.

I'm always saddened to hear of a young motorcycle enthusiast who ends up on the bad side of an accident. I, myself, am a motorcycle rider (sans-motorcycle at the moment) so this hits close to home. Thank you for the work you are doing. – Daniel B.

I love what you are doing. Providing young people with an opportunity to learn a skill they otherwise would not have resources to participate in is a tremendous help to your community. - Kyle M.

Sorry for your loss, it's a beautiful tribute to your friend and student. - Cy R.

Being a motorcycle owner and driver, I'm happy to participate in this great cause. I'm also an avid fan of bringing music and the arts to low income and indigent kids. I admire your drive! - Kathleen M.

I think that it is great that you organize drum lessons for low-income students. - Dāvids S.

I wish you all the best with your new drumming lessons program. It is a wonderful initiative. We need more of those. - Verónica D.

We are so sorry to hear of a bright light in this world being extinguished so tragically. In support of teaching what can be such a joyous activity. - Sunny L.

I am so sad to learn about Jared and the tragic accident he was in. My thoughts & prayers will be with his friends & family. This is a wonderful way to honor his life this way. - Prairie W.

Its awesome to see that people like you help the community. - Anonymous

How Sad and Beautiful at the Same Time...What a Lovely Tribute for Your Friend Jared. - Cecily M.

I'm so sorry to hear about your student. Drumming for Jared seems like a wonderful program that you've set up. - Dani B.

I also run a music school for low income students and students with disabilities outside of Boston. Thank you for the work! - Joe S.

What a great gesture you are doing! - Bill C.

So sorry to hear about the untimely passing of your student. We think that it's wonderful that you are taking this opportunity to do something positive and give back to the community in his honor. - Shannon L.

What an awesome thing you're doing...As a drummer myself I think it's important that everyone learn music at a young age. - Oke C.

I applaud the amazing work you are doing in honor of Jared. We do recognize the importance of this and the work you have done. - Chrissie C.

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