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Below are some other music related gifts that we currently have for sale. As time permits, we will be posting images and prices of these items. In the mean-time if you see anything you like, please contact us and we'll answer any questions you may have. Thank you.

Drum Items

Prezenta - Pataflafla rudiment t-shirt – size large.
Prezenta - Pataflafla rudiment t-shirt – size medium.
Prezenta - Ratamacue rudiment t-shirt – size large.
Momentum Fair Trade - Tinya Double Drum.
EZ-Stik - "Eat, Sleep, Drums" sticker.
Guitar Graphics - Moon bass drum decal.
World of Pollux - Watercolor drumming poster.
Visionary Drum - Pryamid bass drum decal.
Decal Vantage - "drummer inside" decals.
Foothill Primitives - Custom drum signs.
Vicious Vinyl - Etched drum set gallon jug.
Mirshka Studio - Duplex wall plate drum stickers.
Christine Wichert Arts - Cymbal and drum key greeting cards / photos.
Omni Treasures - Drummer candle stick holder.
Art by Al Molina - Animal and Wolverine print.
Mr. Squimps Cat Shop 10 - Drummer cat cards.
Pioneer House - Jim Flora matted drummer print.
Bro Joe Decal - Animal drumming decal.
Dabble Designs - Drum set metal money clip.
Lee ArtHaus - Boston terrier drumming print.
MD Gift Art - CD drum set clock.
Skulls & Sketches 5 - Animal drumming greeting cards.
Rock Threads Apparel - Eat, sleep, drum t-shirt.
Draw Inside - Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) doodle story print.
Mod Cases - iPhone 6S drum case with bass drum pedal diagram.
Danny Darr - Matted jazz drummer prints.
Cardinal Unlimited 2 - Acrylic drum stick wall displays. (sm / lg)
Everyday Balloons - Recording studio drum print.
Happily Going Mad - Percussion shakers.
Lyka Store - Gene Krupa Album notebook.
Solid Rock Gifts - Engraved drummers rock.
Inky Fingers Custom Art - Drumming print, framed and matted.
Gale Street Studio - Engraved rock with drumset.
WML Home Designs - Drummers door mat.
Toni Anns Bella Arte - Custom drummers door mat.
Killer Doormats - Drummers door mat.
Boulder Drum Studio - Analog clocks made from cymbals, drum heads, vintage albums and 45 records.
Light Freakz - Cymbal wall light with remote control.
Studio Gatti - 10" tribal clock.
Chique Fabrique - Custom premium leather stick bag.
More to come...

Guitar Items

D'Addario Music - Logo t-shirts.
Luv Rock Design - Beatles album and cd puzzles.
Zither Music Company - Guitar wall hanger (Mahogany).
Gerber Safe Company - Leather guitar pick wallets.
Simple Life Metal - Acoustic guitarist on driftwood.
Grannys T Party 2 - Gregg Allman t-shirts (med, lg).
Jeff's Dreamtime - Wall guitar holder.
AMB Metal Works - Metal guitarist sculpture.
Chique Fabrique - Custom leather guitar pick holders.
Guitar Cradles - Acoustic guitar stand, electric guitar stand (Both Red Oak).
Texas Custom Crafts - Leather guitar pick wallets.
Bluescentric - Guitar t-shirts.
Trail and Slate - Black walnut guitar picks.
Tarcisius Design - Coconut guitar picks.
More to come...

Miscellaneous Items

Mountain Boy Sledworks - Ultimate Flyer 48" sled.
Cardatawn - Molded record bowl – RUSH/Permanent Waves.
Cardatawn - Molded record bowl – RUSH/Farewell to Kings.
Cardatawn - Molded record bowl – RUSH/Grace Under Pressure.
Cardatawn - Album notebook – Pink Floyd/Wish You Were Here.
Cardatawn - Album notebook – Elton John/Greatest Hits.
Cardatawn - Album notebook – Eric Clapton/No Reason To Cry.
Cardatawn - Album notebook – Tower of Power/In The Slot.
Two Hands Paperie - Higher: 100 Years of Boeing (hardcover book).
Hair by Katiee - Haircut.
West End Salon - Haircut and IMAGE signature facial.
Pompadours Hair Salon - Consultation, haircut and style.
Guerrilla Tees - Evolution of Drummer / Da Vinci Drummer t-shirts.
Fresh Rags Cincy - Evolution of Drummer t-shirts.
Dawns Greeting Cards - Assorted custom greeting cards.
Staceys Hand Crafts - Music switch plates.
Kent Displays - Jot 8.5 Boogie Board (eWriter).
Solar Stamp Memorabilia - Muppets stamp collage.
ZoZo Music - Digital metronome.
Dabble Paint and Sip 1 - Studio session.
The Happy Beast Pet Shop - $25 gift card, dog wash.
The Cup Espresso Café - Men's sport raglan cycling jersey.
Your Cozy Cottage - "When words fail, music speaks" wood sign.
Turntable Books - Rush, "Exit Stage Left" notebook.
Coleraine Creations - Rush, "Grace Under Pressure" notebook.
Silverleaf Custom Framing - $25 custom framing.
Fantoons - Rush 2112 decorative cereal box, "Neil for President" button.
Kristina Koromzay 4 - 1/2 hr. piano lessons in your home.
Laser Art Gifts - Laser engraved 8 GB wooden flash drives.
Blue Ridge Engraving - Laser engraved 5A drum sticks, 8 GB wooden flash drives.
More to come...

Music Related Jewelry

SLR Free Spirit Jewelry - Woodstock necklace.
Catatonik A - Cymbal earrings.
Concert Key - Cymbal necklace.
Lynne and Lucille - Cymbal necklace.
Simple Wealth - Cymbal bracelet.
Blue Bush - Music note watch.
Wire N Whimsy - March to a different beat necklace.
The Touch of Essence - Drum earrings.
Stevies Glass Drum Art - Drum stick glass earrings.
Isabel Bay - Djembe necklace.
Morro Jewelry - Drum stick earrings.
Sunni Sometimes - Snare drum earrings.
Montour Designs - Necklace and charm.
Hang Ups Jewelry Design - Cymbal earrings.
More to come...

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